Nathan Seckinger
Senior Pastor

Nathan Seckinger

Hello. My name Is Nathan and I am the lead pastor at Greenville Alliance Church. I want to welcome you to our website and encourage you to look around and learn about us! Let me tell you a little about me. I’m married to Joyce, a woman whom love and respect. We’ve been married for over 29years. We have two adult children that we are very proud of and we are looking forward to the years ahead.

Allow me to share a little about my educational background. I am a graduate of Nyack College and Asbury Seminary and have also graduated from the Arrow Leadership program. I would say I am a life-time learner and I enjoy growing. I’ve also had a number of churches from Bethel, Maine of 3000 people to Cherry Hill, New Jersey with well over 70,000 people in the township alone. So we’ve had some real experiences that have offered lots of opportunity to get to know people from many different backgrounds. We are excited to be in Greenville, not the smallest and not the largest areas, but a great place to be!

I believe God longs to do so much in our community, not just in the spiritual areas, but in every aspect. Christ has a plan and purpose for each and every person. Regardless of background or upbringing there’s room for you. My goal for the ministry at Greenville is to bring people into a personal relationship with Christ, but it doesn’t end there. I believe He also gave us a new and exciting way to live. Salvation isn’t simply a go to heaven thing, it’s a how to live in the here and now type of thing. I believe having a relationship with Christ can impact a person’s whole world, singleness, marriage, kids, relationships and even work. The whole community can be transformed! So I would welcome you to come, belong, believe and become at Greenville Alliance Church! I would enjoy getting to know you and look forward to meeting you soon.

Pastor Nathan B. Seckinger

Jerry Hunter
Associate Pastor

Jerry Hunter

Pastor Jerry Hunter has served as an Alliance pastor since 1962.  He and his wife Lois are from Western Pennsylvania.  Jerry was born in Etna and later his folks moved to Gibsonia.  Lois is from Meadville.  They met at Nyack College, Nyack, New York and were married in 1962.  The Hunters have two sons: Don (pastoring The Awakening Alliance Church in Ridgeway, PA); and Dave (a Christian counselor and church planter in the area of Lancaster, PA).  They have two granddaughters: Bethany, who lives in Redding, CA and is prepared to be a worship leader; and Kay Lee who is a junior in high school and lives with her parents near Lancaster.
The Hunters have served churches in Canada (Ontario and New Brunswick), Florida and Pennsylvania.  Lois enjoys crafts and baking and Jerry enjoys taking tour groups to the Holy Land, and reading.  They also enjoy their French Poodle – Rusty.  Their favorite vacation spot is Gatlinburg, TN and the Great Smoky Mountains.

Dean Gregory
Student Ministry

Dean Gregory

My name is Dean Gregory and I am the Student Ministry Director at Greenville Alliance Church. My passion is watching God transform the lives of students and young adults. There is nothing better than seeing God restore the brokenness of humanity. Over the past 10+ years, I have been ministering to Jr.& Sr. High School students and young adults in various capacities, watching God transform lives in miraculous ways.

My goal of student ministry is to build foundations in students’ lives to enable them to be lifelong disciples of Christ. Then they can grab hold of Paul’s words to Timothy, “Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity” (1 Timothy 4:12, NLT). Students have the power, through the Holy Spirit, inside themselves to make a difference in their world now, making it a place where God’s will is accomplished.

I rely on God to direct and give wisdom while ministering to students, without Him nothing can be accomplished of lasting value. He has guided my life along a path that has been difficult at times but one that has drawn me closer and closer to him. He currently has guided me to Liberty University to further my education that will result in becoming a pastor and allow me to be more effective in ministry.

Trish, my wife of 17 years, works closely with me ministering to students. She is an amazing gift from God, I am lucky to have her by my side. Together we have two beautiful daughters, Alyssa and Alaina. Alyssa is in High School and Alaina will be entering Jr. High in a year. They both are blessings and make me smile every day.

I hope to someday meeting you in person. Until then I will be;
Striving for what lies ahead,

Dean Gregory

Weekly Gatherings

8:00 AM Worship
9:20 AM Sunday School – Children & Students
9:30 AM Sunday School – Adults
10:30 AM Worship
4:00 PM Jr. and Sr. High Open Gym
6:00 PM Jr. and Sr. High Student Ministry
6:30 PM Prayer Meeting
6:30 PM KidZone (Children’s Ministry)

Church Office Hours

Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

If you have an emergency and need to reach a pastoral staff member, please call the church first before trying their home number. Remember if at any time you have a prayer need, please consider contacting your care elders or the ministry staff. You may call the church office at 724-588-7167.